All About "Gets" in Queens Jewish Divorce

Thursday, July 20th, 2017, 1:32 am

A divorce—regardless of the couple's religion—is a difficult process. When you're ending a marriage, there are a lot of processes that you need to follow. However, if the couple is Jewish, there is an additional step they need to go through to properly terminate the marriage.

For a Jewish couple, a "get" is required before the divorce can be finalized. Let's take a look at what a "get" is and how a couple would go about getting one.

What is a Get?

Under Jewish law, couples who wish to end their marriage must receive a "get." This get states that the marriage has ended under Jewish law, allowing the couple to freely remarry if they choose.

A get is a 12-line document that must be hand-written under Rabbinic Court supervision. The document is then signed by two witnesses.

It is typically the husband's responsibility to acquire the "get." Once he has received the get, he then presents it to his wife. After she has received the document, their marriage is officially terminated.

However, the get only terminates the marriage in the eyes of Jewish law. Jewish couples must also go through a traditional divorce process to ensure the separation is legally acknowledged by their state.

A get does not influence a civil divorce. In most cases, the Jewish court will not even ask about the details surrounding the divorce, meaning fault or responsibility is not necessary.

What Happens Without a Get?

While a Jewish couple can still become civilly divorced without a get, they are not considered divorced under Jewish law. If a couple does not acquire a get and chooses to marry someone else, Jewish law will still recognize that they are married to their first spouse.

If you're a Jewish couple with questions about securing a get and a divorce, the professionals at FK Law Group, PC can help you out. With vast experience helping clients through the divorce process, we can ensure you're following the right policies and procedures to successfully end your marriage. Feel free to contact our Queens office at 800.631.1757 for a free consultation.

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