"Gray Divorce" in Queens, New York

Saturday, January 9th, 2016, 7:37 pm

While divorce in younger age groups have dropped or plateaued, late-life divorce rates are growing.

There comes a certain point in an unhappy relationship that staying together doesn’t make sense, especially as children begin starting lives of their own and aging couples become less busy.

If you are considering going through a “gray divorce,” here are some things to consider:

If you and your spouse have been together long-term, it is almost guaranteed that alimony will be given to the lower earning spouse. This is especially considered if one member of the marriage gave up a career to care for the family and home.

The amount of alimony will depend on the situation and vary from couple to couple, but it should be expected when filing for a divorce late in life.

Retirement Funds
When saving for retirement as a couple, it’s likely the funds set aside had both parties in mind. If you are to go through a divorce, your retirement fund is likely to be split 50/50 between the two parties. 

While the amount saved away may seemed like a lot of money, if it now needs to be split between two people, the payments you would have shared have now doubled. You may have thought you were all set for a comfortable retirement, but a divorce can quickly change that.

Even if your children are out of the house or even starting their own families, you still need to take your children into account. If your children are old enough, you will not need to worry about child support or visitation rights, but you if an adult child is still in school or is disabled, there may be additional financial considerations to consider.

Outside of the legal issues that arise when anyone divorces, friendships can become more difficult and complicated when going through a divorce late in life. If you and your spouse have spent the majority of your life together, it is likely you have a number of the same friends.

Keep these friendships in mind, as they may cause confusion or what you thought were life-long friends to choose sides. Do your best to nurture your friendships and remain social. After spending so much time in a comfortable routine, it can be difficult to get out and do something new, but it is necessary for your happiness and your well-being.

A divorce at any age can be difficult and confusing, but even more so when you’ve spent so much of your lifetime with your spouse. But, even through it all, there comes a time when the only right choice is to end things with a divorce.

If you are going through a divorce or considering one, contact a qualified Queens divorce attorney at FK Law Group for legal advice and expert divorce assistance in the Queens and New York City area. Contact the office at 800-631-1757 for information about any family or divorce matter.

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