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Saturday, October 25th, 2014, 1:38 pm

There are Fathers’ rights groups throughout the country fighting for the right to be treated equally to their female counterparts when it comes to obtaining custody of their children during divorce proceedings. Not only are these groups pushing for fathers to be recognized for their involvement in their children's lives, but they are advocates for laws that call for more equal custody rulings than the current status quo, which they claim is unfair.


Couples in Queens, New York and elsewhere involved in divorce disputes- which call children, property and other “assets” into question- know that divorce is hard enough without the added stress of fighting over the people and home they have created as a family unit. At FK Law Group we are ahead of the curve when it comes to all past, current and proposed New York laws related to divorce, custody and overall family law.


We approach each couples unique situation with all the knowledge, experience and compassion needed to guide you through this difficult time. Our qualified divorce and child custody law law attorneys will work with you and your estranged spouse, if need be, to come up with a child custody plan that meets both parents’ needs so you can rest assured you child(ren) won’t have to experience the added heartache of choosing a parent to live with or deal with being the subject of more arguments.


The fathers rights groups we mentioned argue that the legal system often grants full custody to the mother, even if both parents are emotionally and financially fit to care for their children. They are calling for legislation that would favor joint-custody arrangements instead of what they say is nearly automatic granting of full custody to the mother.


There is a lot to think about when it comes to child custody, such as the proximity of each parent’s residence to each other and the children’s school
Will New York join Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Minnesota and the District of Columbia in a proposal and subsequent passing of legislation favoring more equally shared custody? Or will fathers rights groups in Queens, New York and the greater New York City and tri-state area continue to feel ignored by the legal system? At current time, New York does not have any legal proposals in place calling for equally shared custodial arrangements during divorce proceedings.


At FK Law Group, our clients’ concerns are our concerns, and we will do all we can to address every issue that arises during the divorce process. Contact the Queens office of FK Law Group at 800-631-1757 for information on how we can work with you on your unique legal situation.

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