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At FK Law Group, we know all too well what can go wrong during the divorce process and we have vast knowledge and experience in New York divorce law and all of its complexities. We know that divorce is a difficult time for most of our clients, a time wrought with emotions and tough decisions - for the individual and for the family.


To us, compassion is one of the most important things that divorce attorneys should possess due to the sensitive nature of this process.


With this, we continue our list of questions that divorcing individuals can use as a springboard for developing their own ideas for what to ask their potential divorce attorney before settling on one that is the right fit for them.


What's your game plan?


Once an attorney is familiar with your case and your goals, they should have a pretty good idea of the right course of action to take for the best possible outcome in your unique situation. Although every case is different, experienced divorce attorneys should have been through the process enough times to give you a framework for how things will proceed. It is hard to judge how long the case might take, but they should definitely know how they want to begin. So ask them, what is your strategy for presenting my case and representing me?

Are you available by phone and email?


We think it's necessary to be available to our clients as much as possible to address their questions and concerns. A majority of our clients are going through their first - and hopefully their last - divorce, so they have a lot of questions that we make ourselves available to answer. We also house a great amount of information on our website in the FAQ section.

We urge clients and prospective clients as well as anybody interested to visit this page for clarification. Of course, we know that nothing beats having a real human answer your questions, so please call our Queens, NY office with any questions and concerns and we will answer you as soon as possible.


Will you provide updates to me on a regular basis?


During the divorce process, clients want to be kept in the loop for all goings on. Whether new issues have emerged, a positive outcome may be near or problems have arisen, a strong attorney will be sure to provide their client with regular updates pertaining to the case.

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