The Purpose of Separation Agreements

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014, 9:02 pm

Divorce is nearly as prevalent in today’s society as marriage, and celebrity splits seem to happen every day- sometimes just mere days or months after the wedding. The famous, or shall we say, infamous reality show duo Kris and Bruce Jenner are the latest Hollywood couple to officially call it quits.


The parental stars of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” separated June 1 of this year, and many speculated that an official divorce was looming in the near future. “Normal” people often legally separate, which sometimes prompts friends and family to question- what is the point of a separation exactly, or at least, what does it mean in legal terms?


Some are under the impression that divorce is a quick and easy legal process for everyone involved, but the reality is that divorce calls many things into questions in addition to the hard decision of choosing whether to stay together. Not to say that divorce for a couple with no children and few assets is easy by any means, but those who do have children, separate and combined assets, complicated living situations and other potential issues generally have more decisions to make and more working parts to their legally binding agreements that they have to discuss with a qualified divorce attorney from FK Law Group, PC. Our law office represents individuals throughout Queens and the greater New York City area in all facets of divorce law.


There are some legal benefits to signing a separation agreement. First of all, the separation “buys” you and your estranged spouse some time to (legally) be away from one another without having to file for divorce. This is helpful for couples who are not sure which path they want to take regarding their marriage.


Separation agreement are just that- agreements. You and your spouse are still legally married. This means you can’t remarry, you would need an actual divorce for that. Separations are an option for some couples who have been married a certain amount of time, as remaining married for 10 years or more in New York customarily qualifies couples for certain benefits, like social security.


The terms agreed upon in separation agreements are usually applied to your divorce agreements if you do decide to obtain a divorce. Be sure to provide your divorce attorney with all information necessary so it’s more likely you will end up with the best possible outcome for your unique situation.


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