Uncontested Divorces: Don't Go it Alone

Thursday, February 20th, 2014, 12:47 am

Divorce isn’t something that married individuals want to think about. It might strike them all of a sudden or it could have been building up for quite some time. At the heart of every divorce case, there are four main issues:

  • Dividing the Debt
  • Dividing any marital or community property
  • Determining custody of the children
  • Payment of any spousal or child support

Even though no divorce is ever going to be fully uncontested in the sense that there aren’t going to be any disagreements, the disputes won’t always have to be dealt with in a courtroom. A contested divorce is one where everything has to be dealt with in a courtroom. Whereas, an uncontested divorce is one where the spouses are able to come to an agreement as to what the terms of the divorce should be without having to take their case to trial. Most of the time, an uncontested divorce is far quicker than one that is contested. Your case will move quickly through the court system, thus, keeping more of your money in your pocket.


Every couple that is looking at divorce should try and work out the terms of the separation before they take things to court. When spouses aren’t able to come to a reasonable agreement, many opt for mediation and arbitration, either with or without an attorney by their side. Time and money are saved by seeking this option as it bypasses a lengthy trial and litigation process. Uncontested divorces help to reduce hostility, which allows both parties to get back to their lives a lot quicker than if they were busy fighting over everything. 


When there are complex issues, technical legal procedures and high financial stakes at hand, this is often the first sign of a contested divorce. Even though you might be able to go through an uncontested divorce without having an attorney present, litigation makes it necessary to have an experienced lawyer working on your side. You don’t want to be taken advantage of because you didn’t understand what was going on during the proceedings. If one spouse is being represented by a lawyer or you are struggling with difficult financial issues, you might want to seek out an attorney to protect yourself.


Going through a divorce is painful enough without having to fight about everything along the way. Letting an experienced uncontested divorce attorney go to work for you will simplify the process for you.


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