Part II: Grounds for Divorce in Queens, NY

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016, 12:41 am

In our last blog, we began listing the acceptable grounds for divorce in the state of New York.


When you file for divorce in Queens, a court requires the filer to cite the “grounds” for divorce, for ending the marriage. Grounds is something the court deems “an acceptable reason for wanting to end your marriage.” That being said, New York is a state that recognizes both “no-fault” grounds and “fault-based” grounds. Below, we continue what reasons constitute as grounds for divorce in Queens and the entire state.


Legal Separation Agreement

Another grounds for divorce is if you already have a legal separation agreement. With a legal separation agreement, one party does not need to be at fault for the divorce.


Instead, you must have a valid separation agreement filed with the courts or have a court-ordered judicial separation. Once this has been filed and legally recognized, you and your spouse must live legally separated for one year.


Many people find that they just want out of a bad marriage, but in order to get what you rightfully deserve, it is best to take your time and do things the right way. If you need help determining your grounds for divorce or have additional questions about divorce, contact a Queens divorce attorney at FK Law Group for legal advice and expert divorce assistance in the Queens and New York City area. 


No-Fault Grounds

For a divorce to be on “no-fault” grounds, either party of the marriage must believe that the marriage has been broken down for at least 6 months. Another term for a no-fault divorce as used popularly in other states is “irreconcilable differences.”


With a no-fault grounds divorce, a divorce will not be granted until the terms of the separation are determined and recognized. This includes the distribution of marital property, child support, custody, and visitation of any children, and spousal support.


FK Law Group helps individuals throughout Queens and New York City who need legal guidance and experienced counsel throughout the divorce process. Contact the Queens office of FK Law Group for information about any family or divorce law matter. The qualified divorce attorneys of FK Law Group in Queens can be reached at 1-800-631-1757 for legal advice and experienced counsel throughout your divorce process.


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