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FK Law Group, P.C. Firm Overview

Why FK Law Group?

FK Law Group, P.C. Overview Forest Hills Queens NY Prior to meeting her now soulmate, Kweller was briefly married to someone else. She wasted thousands of dollars on a bad local lawyer (name withheld) , who carelessly handled her case and made multiple filing errors on what should have been a simple uncontested annulment document. Using a bad local lawyer caused a three-year delay in her legal filings and immense stress.

During this time, Kweller could not make a legal last name change, amend her tax filing status to “single”, or remarry, as she was still technically married, making it impossible to truly move on with her life and disconnect legally from her first spouse.

Vulnerable, she also met with a Jewish Divorce Rabbi who tried to charge her 4 times more than the standard rate of $500 to obtain a Get, the Jewish Divorce document necessary to remarry under Jewish Law.

From those bad times she created good ones, forming the FK Law Group shortly after her own legal separation and annulment were finalized and a multitude of lessons learned.
Since then, she has assisted over one dozen people through divorce proceedings, helping them smoothly and affordably transition their lives during an extremely delicate time, assisting them to start new chapters in their lives and create brand new beginnings.