Child Custody Laws in New York

  • Posted on: Sep 23 2017
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When a couple who is planning for a divorce has children, it makes the process that much more difficult – in terms of emotional distress, tough family decisions, and of course, finances. Physical custody, primary custody, and other terms relating to who “gets” the child or children are challenging to navigate, as is the entire process, especially amidst such a trying time.

Queens, New York child custody attorneys at FK Law Group approach the unique situation of every client armed with decades of experience, comprehensive knowledge of New York divorce law and the high level of compassion necessary to guide clients through the life-altering event of separation and divorce.

Experienced divorce and child custody law attorneys help couples formulate the child custody plan that best fits the needs of their family, putting the well-being of any children ahead of personal vendettas. Divorce is hard enough on kids, and on all involved — so we strive to minimize undue stress to expedite the process as efficiently (and as painlessly) as possible.

Queens Child Custody Law

Child custody arrangements are often the top priority for divorcing couples during divorce disputes. FK Law Group divorce attorneys are in the know on all current and proposed New York laws related to divorce, custody and overall family law.

New York child custody law does not give a preferred right to custody to either parent, with the legal mother and father bearing equal rights to custody of their children.

So, on what basis does New York divorce court grant custody? It’s standard for the court to decide custody in the child’s best interests, usually being the child’s primary caretaker.

FK Law Group continues to provide couples divorcing in Queens with the legal representation and guidance required throughout each step of the divorce process.

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