Divorcing Under Jewish Law

  • Posted on: Dec 19 2016
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Divorce is a complicated process, especially when religion is involved. For Jewish couples looking to separate, acquiring something called a get is crucial for having the divorce recognized under Jewish law.

Divorcing Under Jewish Law

In order to have a divorce acknowledged under Jewish law, there are a certain extra steps you will need to take. In addition to going through the civil divorce process, Jewish couples must go through the process of securing a get.

A get is technically a divorce that is recognized by the Jewish religion. The get says that the couple has excessive bitterness between one another, preventing the marriage from being repaired. A get grants permission for the members of the marriage to remarry in the future if they choose to do so.

To secure a get, you and your spouse will need to meet with a scribe to have documents prepared. The scribe will direct you on statements that you must give, which the scribe will write down on parchment paper. Once the statements have been said and transcribed, the wife will be given the piece of parchment paper and will then take a few steps backwards.

The Jewish religion recognizes the divorce after the get is handed to the wife.

Why Do You Need a Divorce Attorney?

While a New York divorce attorney may not be necessary to receive a get, going through the Jewish divorce process is not the same as going through the legal divorce process. You must still separate your marital possessions and establish custody of any children.

In addition to securing the get and having the divorce recognized by the Jewish religion, you will also need to have a civil divorce to legally separate you as a couple. Your divorce attorney can also help you in the process of securing the get and helping to ensure the get is recognized.

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