Do Alimony Payments End

  • Posted on: Sep 27 2022
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Knowing when alimony ends is an important piece of information to have when it comes to divorce and alimony. Once a judge has decided that alimony should be paid, the next step is to determine the time period for when payments will end. It is very rare to see alimony payments lasting for years.This is why a court will consider the length of a marriage when it comes to determining the length of payments. So if the marriage lasted over 30 or more years, then the amount of years could also be very long. On the flipside, if the marriage was short, then the alimony payments will also be of short duration.

Establishing An End To Alimony Payments

When establishing alimony and the time period involved, it does not always have to be decided by the court. A lot of times, both parties can meet and develop an alimony payment plan. This can save a lot of money for court costs to have a judge make the determination and could take a lot of time to complete.

When both parties have come to an agreement that alimony should be paid, then they can take the need and ability into consideration to establish an amount to pay and for how long. The time frame to come to an agreement may take a while since not everyone may agree with what each other desires. In order to make the decision easy, the services of an attorney will often be used. When your attorney gets together with the other party’s attorney, they will be able to provide a realistic figure that is accepted more often than not.

When A Remarriage Has Taken Place

When a spouse that is receiving alimony remarries or begins to live with another romantically, then the alimony will likely end. If the alimony does not end, then it will be due to a modification made to the amount or time period. This issue may come up a lot and the ability to prove that the receiving spouse has remarried may be hard to determine. This is especially true if the spouse knows that termination of spousal support could end if the news got out that they remarried or are living with another. Plus, the receiving spouse may even hide the fact that they are romantically involved with another so that they do not stop receiving the payments. The good part though, is that you can easily ask questions to find out if a living status has changed concerning the receiving spouse.


Knowing that alimony is an important part of a divorce makes it even more important to know when the payments should stop. When you are planning to set up alimony, get in touch with us today to evaluate the time period you should be paying so that you do not continue to pay longer than you should.

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