Going to Court During the Pandemic

  • Posted on: Mar 29 2021
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Even though the pandemic appears to be wrapping up, its effect on the world is still being strongly felt. One of those effects is on the court system. While some trials have continued to be done in person, many have moved online. Virtual court has become much more commonplace than it once was, and while it still has the same outcomes, there are some differences in the process. Here are a few tips for going to court during the pandemic.

You Need to Understand the Technology

First, technology has become the key to staying safe while going to court. You will need to understand how the video communication technology works, and you will need access to a computer with a webcam and internet access or a smartphone. In some cases, you may be able to go to your lawyer’s office and attend virtual court with them. In other cases, you may have to attend from your home. Either way, find out what software will be used and practice with it before your court date so you understand it.

Court Procedure Is Still in Place

Just because you’re in your own home doesn’t mean you can ignore court procedure. You still need to dress appropriately and show the judge the appropriate respect. Do your best to forget that you’re at home and not in the actual court room. You will be expected to act as if you were there.

Submit Documents as Directed

Another issue with virtual court is that you won’t be able to submit documents or other evidence in the same way. Instead, you’ll need to upload them. Each district and, in some area, each court or judge has their own methods they prefer. Some want documents and photos emailed to them, while others prefer files to be uploaded to Dropbox or another specific program. While your attorney will handle this, it does help to know what the court is using so you can make certain your files are compatible. Large files, for example, may be too big for email.

The good news is that the FK Law Group understands how virtual court works and is here to help you through the process. If you’re in need of an attorney, contact us today to discuss your case.

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