Prenuptial Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2021
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The word Prenup alone can bring feelings of ill-will between couples. But that is inevitable. However, you can never be too careful when it comes to prenuptial. Sometimes, people make some mistakes while signing their Prenup. You need to know whether both you and your partner are on the same page about certain things.

Prenuptial agreements confuse people and are often upsetting. That does not mean you should not know what mistakes to avoid during the signing.

Let’s get right into them.

Not Taking The Time To Read The Agreement

If both you and your partner are willingly going into this agreement, then chances are only one of you will read and write the document. Let love not blind you. Read the agreement no matter how much you trust your spouse. This is so you can acquaint yourself with the contents of the document, and so you can determine that it favors you both.

Forgoing Hiring Your Lawyer

Attorneys are expensive. Couples often, to save money, hire only one attorney and have them represent them both. But, much like your therapist represents only you, you would speak to only them, and they would tell no one about you said you need your lawyer. Your lawyer will work following your interests and not those of your spouse.

Don’t Forget To Legalize It All

In case you are cheated on, you need to have the law on your side. As soon as you both have agreed to a prenuptial agreement, make sure to get it in writing, contact your attorney, and then have your spouse sign the contract. Once the signatures are there, you will not be cheated out of anything. Such is the power of law. Know your rights and know how to use them.

Be Careful With What You Propose

Some judges are hard to set and are looking for ways to keep your agreement from passing. Household chores being given to a single person, limited physical interaction, etc are all deal-breakers. Do not promise anybody anything, financial or otherwise, until you have settled the matter or the decision has been ruled in your favor. Some courts may declare agreements fraudulent and then dismiss them based on you tricking your partner into signing, etc. We recommend you read and reread everything and have your attorney look at it all.

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