Recently Divorced? How to Make the Holiday Season Easier

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2015
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The holiday season can be a difficult time for divorced families, especially those spending their first holidays apart. While your children get used to spending holidays without both parents, create a holiday visitation schedule to make things a little easier on you and your family.

We’ve compiled a list of tips to make the holidays a little easier for everyone:

  • Plan Ahead & Include the Kids

A lot of planning goes into each holiday. Now, planning needs to include travel arrangements, drop offs, and meeting places. Make sure to communicate with your ex and your children to ensure holiday visitations run as smoothly as possible.

Also remember that it is the children’s time you’re planning for, so include them in making the plans whenever you can. Ask them where they would like to spend their holidays, and with whom.

  • Be Flexible

When you don’t get to see your children every day, it can be difficult when things don’t go according to plan. Regardless of your feelings towards your ex, you need to remember to keep your child’s best interest in mind, even if they wish to spend one of “your days” with your ex.

  • Keep Your Feelings Out of It

You should never pull your kids into a fight between you and your ex, but especially around the holidays. Remember that this time is also difficult for them, and while you may need to see your ex more than you’d like to, keep the cheerful holiday spirit through every encounter!

  • Create Two Holidays

If you and your ex aren’t at the point where celebrating the holidays together is an option, ensure you both get equal time with the children by creating two holidays. Throwing separate birthday parties means neither you nor your ex need to miss out on the festivities – and your child doesn’t need to choose which parents to spend their special day with.

  • Create New Traditions

Your family holidays have changed, so your traditions should too. Instead of trying to force old habits into a new situation, make new traditions.

When dealing with your first few holidays as a divorced family, remember it is just as hard – if not harder – for your children. Remember to put the divorce aside and celebrate your time together!

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