The Basics of the Adoption Process

  • Posted on: Sep 30 2020
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Anyone who is thinking about adopting a child should learn as much about the process as they can before they start. Adopting is a great choice, but it’s also a long process, and it takes time. While this guide is a very, very basic look at what adoption entails, it will give you an idea of what you will need to do before you can become a forever family with one of the amazing children in the adoption system.

Do You Need an Adoption Agency?

While you don’t have to work with an adoption agency, it does make the process much easier. These agencies understand the process and will help you complete paperwork and other tasks. However, if you feel up to the task, you don’t have to work with an agency at all. You do, however, absolutely need to have a lawyer who understands adoption on your side, even if you do have an agency. You want to be certain everything about the adoption is handled in the correct legal manner.

Learn About Adoption

You want to take some time to really look at what adoption is and how it works. Learn about the types of adoptions, and look at the financial aspects of what adopting a child means. That includes not only the adoption agency fees and other immediate costs, but also the long-term costs of raising a child.

Preparing for Adoption

Next, you will submit an application to an adoption agency if you are going to work through one. This can take some time, and you will need to be ready to pay the agency’s fee at this time. These agencies often also require you to go to pre-placement classes. These classes will help you understand the life of a child in the adoption process and prepare you to provide them with what they need in a family.

Another part of preparing for adoption is to have a home study done. A social worker will come to your home to ensure that it is safe for children, will talk to you about your goals with adoption, and more. You’ll be required to provide various documents and other information during this process.

Begin the Process of Adoption

Once all of this has been done, you’ll be ready to actually begin meaning children and working to find the one (or several) who complete your family. While the adoption process isn’t complete yet, you will have done a large bulk of the work.

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