Tips for a Successful Separation

  • Posted on: Sep 30 2019
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If you and your spouse are considering separating, whether it’s temporary or not, there are a few things you want to do to make the separation as successful as possible. Of course, for that to really happen, you do both need to agree to the separation. Once you’ve both agreed to it, though, the work isn’t done yet. Here are a few tips to make your separation a success.

Know the Boundaries

Are the two of you allowed to start dating right away? What sort of rules are there about “dropping by” to talk or to see your children? How will you talk about the separation, and who should tell which friends? Are you going to work on your marriage, or is separation a step towards divorce? Maybe the separation is the final step, and you’ll remain married while living apart. Whatever your end goals are, you both need to acknowledge them, set boundaries, and stick to those boundaries.

Work Out Money and Property Ahead of Time

While a separation isn’t like a divorce in that you aren’t necessarily completely separating your financial accounts and debts, it’s still important that you sit down and discuss your financial obligations and how they will be divided between the two of you. You may need to split joint savings or other assets, separate debts, and so on. Before the separation begins, there shouldn’t be any confusion as to who is responsible for what debt.

You also need to work out who will have possession of what property. If you own property, who will continue to live there? Who gets which vehicle? Will the person who moves out take furniture with them, or will you need to set aside some of your joint assets to cover the cost of furnishing the new house?

Have a Timeline

Finally, a successful separation has a timeline. You should have a date for one or both of you to move, depending on your living situation. You should also have a date for your separation to end, one way or another. The longer you remain separated without moving forward, whether to get back together or get a divorce, the harder it will be to take action because you’ll both become used to your new routine.

A separation can be helpful because it acts like a trial divorce, letting the two of you see if you’re really ready to end your marriage. However, it does come with some legal ramifications. That’s why you want to work with a legal separation lawyer like the experts at FK Law Group. We will help you prepare for your separation and go over everything it entails from a legal standpoint. Contact us today to discuss your particular case.

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