Your Attorney’s Role during a CPS case

  • Posted on: Nov 28 2022
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When you are the subject of a CPS case, the attorney you hire will be representing and advising you. When you have important court dates, your attorney will be with you so that you know how to answer, know what to say, and when not to say anything. Besides sitting in on court sessions with you, your attorney will also have important roles that will help your CPS case.

Your Attorney Will Advise You Of When To Speak

When you have been accused falsely for child abuse, a wide variety of feelings can overcome an individual and words could be said out of anger. However, it is important to understand that any harsh words said will be taken as seriously as they are expressed. This will cause a worse situation for your case. Your attorney will be able to advise you of what and when to talk. Also, they will advise you of when you should be silent.

Your Attorney Will Ensure That The Process Is Properly Handled

Because your attorney is experienced in law, this means they will know everything about family law and the legal process that CPS must take during a case. They will also be able to have your child returned as soon as possible.

There may be times where social workers may have missed a step or the investigation has many holes, which could make for a weak case to have the child removed. When an intervention takes place, the CPS case may become worse if the foster home is a lot worse than with the parents. If this happens, then the attorney is able to file petitions to have the child returned. Your attorney will also be familiar with the court in your area and can advise you of possible outcomes from certain judges.

Your Attorney Will Fight For You

When you are experiencing child abuse allegations, you may see others hesitating to support you. Your attorney will always be on your side and will remain reliable throughout your case.They will also help provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your best interests are in their mind. Your attorney will be able to handle law enforcement and investigators without you having to worry about it all.


Being investigated by child protective services can make for stressful times and make you feel like your life has been invaded. This invasion could ultimately cause your entire life to change. If you are in fear of being investigated and you need to seek advice from an attorney, then get a hold of us today.

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