Steps to Follow Upon Being Served With Divorce Papers

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018, 10:52 pm

Being served with divorce papers, particularly when the request for a divorce comes as a surprise, can be one of the most overwhelming experiences a person ever faces. One can become confused and helpless if you do not know what to do next. Therefore, rather than let your soon to be ex handle all the proceedings, follow these simple steps and you will come out with both your pride and your finances.

The first thing you should do is to accept the papers. Unfortunately, avoiding service is not going to do you any favors; besides, if the papers are left at your home, that can be considered service whether you choose to pick up the papers and open them or not. Once the papers are in your possession, you will typically have between 20 and 30 days to respond. A failure to respond within that allotted time frame, will allow an attorney to file a motion to answer out of time and ask the judge for permission to file an answer in the case.

Therefore, if you are confused at all as to what the papers mean or what your responsibilities are, you should consult with an attorney immediately. Ensure the attorney explains to you what you should do and what the papers could mean for your future so you can be able to properly respond. Of course as the case proceeds you may not need an attorney but it is always good to have one so he or she can make sure you understand what your legal rights are, what your responsibilities are and give you advice for representing yourself as the matter continues.

The next step is to get organized by gathering helpful information pertaining to your case. Collect important financial information and make copies of important documents such as tax returns, credit card statements, bank statements, and retirement accounts that can be used to show what your assets and debts are. If you have children, make copies of their birth certificates, medical records, and insurance information to present to the court.

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