Queens Prenuptial Agreement FAQs

Prenuptial agreements can be a source of contention among couples, but these contracts can help outline the expectations each party has for their marriage, which is certainly a “do” before a couple says “I do.” As I’ve noted in another blog, the drafting of a prenup should compel a couple to discuss potential issues or […]

  • Posted on: Jun 24 2014
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Common Divorce Mistakes

Divorce is usually an emotional process that brings many issues into play, which makes working with an attorney who specializes in Queens divorce law a necessity for those seeking divorce. Understandably, many people are blinded by emotions during divorce and fail to take simple measures that will protect the well being of themselves and their […]

  • Posted on: May 9 2014
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Should I Get a Prenuptial Agreement?

Once you have achieved success in your career, you might be wondering if you are going to have that same success in marriage. For some, they start looking at how likely their marriage is to last and what they can do to protect their empire that they have built. It only makes sense to sit […]

  • Posted on: Apr 25 2014
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Don’t Go at it Alone in a Divorce Proceeding

Two different types of divorce are available for individuals: uncontested and contested. Contested divorces are those where the two parties are not able to reach an agreement about the divorce in general, the terms of the divorce or the custody of the children. In uncontested divorces, the parties are in agreement on everything and don’t […]

  • Posted on: Mar 13 2014
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Uncontested Divorces: Don’t Go it Alone

Divorce isn’t something that married individuals want to think about. It might strike them all of a sudden or it could have been building up for quite some time. At the heart of every divorce case, there are four main issues: Dividing the Debt Dividing any marital or community property Determining custody of the children […]

  • Posted on: Feb 20 2014
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